Mas mujeres is an association that promotes, and accompanies, the development and the well-being of women from diverse cultures, world-views, needs and views, in harmony with nature, through initiatives for international cooperation, providing education for social transformation and care and collaboration networking.


The vision of mas mujeres is to achieve more peaceful, equitable and sustainable societies with a critical conscience about the structural and political causes that impoverish countries and communities, providing special analyses of the capitalist heteropatriarchal system that oppresses and plunders those who do not fit within its mandate and its nature from a local-global, endogenous, feminist and human-rights perspective.



Aware that in all of the world’s societies women continue to be subordinate to different degrees, we are committed to a paradigm shift in which women contribute equitably, generating positive impacts at a global level from their diversity.


We integrate diverse world-views and views, beyond the Eurocentric visions that have traditionally prevailed generating networks of care and trust. Convinced that united we have more strength, we promote networks woven from respect, solidarity and exchange, placing people and nature at the centre.

Collective Construction

We promote inclusive, participatory and horizontal processes that enrich initiatives undertaken to achieve greater social impact.

Critical awareness

We constantly review how we nourish ourselves with direct, alternative and contrasted voices, how we analyse the structural causes of inequalities, repudiating the manipulation of the mass media.


We consider it essential to openly socialize both the resources that allow us to act and the processes that we develop internally and externally.