Sexist violence affects the bodies and lives of millions of women and girls around the world, preventing them from developing and living in peace, in full exercise of their rights. The prevailing neoliberal capitalist model requires the consumption of ever-increasing amounts of natural resources, violating peoples and communities who live in territories that contain them. Many women who lead struggles against these economic and political interests are threatened and killed for this reason. We promote initiatives and organizations that bring visibility to these struggles, denouncing this violence by fighting impunity to protect these women and work for their autonomy.

The heteropatriarchal system educates women in competition and rivalry. This strategy is designed to keep them isolated, to make them believe that they are vulnerable, and to perpetuate their subordination. By promoting women meeting and exchanging views so that that they realize that they are not alone facing injustices, so that they recognize that many women suffer similar discrimination. Sisterhood and the networks that emerge in these spaces contribute to their individual and collective empowerment building paths towards gender equality.

The current frenzy of consumption is alarmingly degrading the natural world that sustains our lives: water, air, land and biodiversity. Every day we consume more harmful food; more people breathe polluted air or suffer from a shortage of clean water, more species disappear and we face a greater impacts of climate change. MORE WOMEN expose how this heteropatriarchal capitalist model causes serious repercussions on the integral health of women. We support responsible, local and sustainable consumption initiatives putting life at the center, especially those led by women and those which bring visibility and those which address the differentiated impacts on women’s health.

At the global level, there is a very unequal distribution of access to resources of all kinds, a situation that is even more extreme for women all across the globe. Women’s contributions are made invisible, devalued by this capitalist heteropatriarchal model with it’s systemic underrepresentation of women. We accompany processes and undertakings led by women valuing their knowledge, viewpoints, and their understanding of the realities in diverse settings that provide them with sustainable livelihoods and contribute to their autonomy.